Bill Validation & Cost Recovery

Mistakes in energy bills are costing UK businesses millions of pounds every year. We provide effective energy bill validation services to ensure your business isn’t overpaying.

We understand managing invoices in-house can be a complex and time-consuming process, so save your business valuable time and hassle by choosing Nationwide Utilities to conduct sophisticated bill validation procedures to streamline the process for you and ensure any errors are refunded.
If your energy consumption is high or you operate in multiple sites, then it is crucial that you have an effective invoice validation system in place. If not, you could be paying more money for your energy bill than you owe.

How are mistakes made?

Estimated billing
Incorrect contract charges
Energy bills are complicated
The mistakes are not very obvious
Have the peace of mind that any inaccurate billings are being recovered as we validate your energy bills and recover overcharges by evaluating the following factors:
Check against all contract terms
Actual consumption with current charges
Third party charges
Government levies
Upcoming renewal dates
The number of sites from which your business operates.

We understand how energy costs are calculated and will quickly spot billing errors and anomalies.

Once the energy bill auditing is complete, bespoke market intelligence and market risk analysis is conducted before energy tendering. This comes as standard for our flexible procurement customers.

How can we help?

We deal directly with Suppliers on your behalf to resolve billing errors promptly
Online billing data and performance reports
Online meter reading service with manual backup until this is available across all sites
An additional charge applies for this service; but only a percentage of the recovered errors. There is no charge if no costs are recovered.

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