Market Intelligence

Simplify the complex energy landscape with our essential energy market intelligence.

There are so many factors affecting the generation, distribution and consumption of the energy we use. In this intricate and everchanging sector, supply and demand economics determine the increasing energy price volatility seen in recent years.
We interpret targeted data, research, statistics, news and analytics. Converting this information into meaningful insights for our clients, to help mitigate risk and validate strategies.
Our in-depth analysis reports give us the latest trends in price evolution across global energy markets. Our models cover the whole energy value chain, from small players to key stakeholders.
We understand the complex global economic and geopolitical influences that play a part in the price we pay for energy. Taking into account everything from oil and gas markets, to the construction of new energy infrastructure projects. Even down to the weather and its effects on our increasing reliance on unpredictable renewable wind and solar generation.
We combine this information along with our own industry knowledge to create an accurate picture of the energy market. This enables us to strategise for possible “what if” scenarios and mitigate potential risk for our clients by forecasting future price trends in both the short and longer term.

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