TRIAD Season Ends | What Next? | 17/18

TRIAD Season 17/18 Results

The 17/18 TRIAD season has now concluded with a significant February finish, owed in the main part to the arrival of the Siberian weather dubbed ‘the beast from the east’ that resulted in a flurry snow and TRIAD notifications.

The TRIAD refers to the three half-hour settlement periods with highest system demand between November and February, separated by at least ten clear days. Implemented to maintain supply and reduce peaks during the winter months, National Grid uses the system to determine TNUoS charges for customers with half-hour metering.

Based on INDO settlement data, the three TRIAD peaks for the 17/18 season results are:

11th December ’17 – Demand: 48.99GW
8th January ’18 - Demand: 47.87GW
26th February ’18 - Demand: 47.86GW
The above noted dates are only indicative at this stage based purely on peak demands calculated using operational metering data. So, the final TRIAD dates may well be different from these dates. The rates will be published towards the latter part of March on the Nationwide Utilities and National Grid website.

The recent artic-like conditions which swept across the UK has sent mercury plunging to nearly 12C below seasonal average, and has resulted in a higher UK consumption of electricity. If the 26th February is indeed confirmed, it will mark the latest ever TRIAD, surpassing the previous 15th Feb 2016.

Whilst the 17/18 season may have come to an end, now is the time to begin preparation for the next TRIAD season. Nationwide Utilities offer a notification service throughout the November – February period to reduce the costs of your energy bill by intelligent demand management. Winter is coming.

Find out more information on how TRIADs are determined and the impact this could have on your business.

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