Strategic Procurement

Be in the know about purchasing commercial energy at precisely the right time with our energy specialists. We compare competitive and timely market prices for all of your utility requirements.

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Many of our clients are taking advantage of our unique strategic procurement service. Not available anywhere else, our strategic procurement differs to regular energy purchasing as it uses sophisticated systems to alert our brokers to buy energy at precisely the right moment. This means we can lock in energy contracts at the best time to avoid buying when prices are peaking.

Strategic procurement sophisticated forecasting tool

We will compare your current contract price against the wholesale market and predict with relative accuracy the price for electricity or gas in relation to your contract renewal date, consumption and preferred contract length.

Using strategic procurement, we will agree with you the parameters for locking in new supply contracts several months before your contract renewal date, enabling you to forecast accurately and meet your organisation's financial targets. We set buy triggers if the indicated cost for a renewal contract rises or falls below a certain price and this automatically alerts our brokers. We are then able to obtain quotations which, should they meet the pre-set cost criteria, can be automatically secured by us on your behalf.

This pioneering and technologically innovative strategic procurement solution puts you in control and makes it possible to review energy and gas contracts far less frequently than might usually be required.

For example, in 2014 we could secure contracts for 2014 which would start when your existing contract expires. By securing your 2014 contract when the market is favourable, we can help protect you against future price increases in the wholesale energy market.

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