Our energy trading team work with you to understand your business objectives and implement a bespoke strategy to meet them.

Nationwide Utilities have been purchasing energy on behalf of our clients for over 19 years, so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you make the most informed decisions about which supplier to choose, what type of contract bests suits your business and when to secure it.
As the price of energy changing on a daily basis, it’s important to ensure you’re securing your rates when prices are low. We use our own tracking solutions to monitor the market in real-time and compare current and past energy prices, along with our market intelligence to forecast future trends. This ensures that we secure your upcoming contracts at the optimum time.
With so many different suppliers and contractual options available for you to choose from, it could sometimes feel overwhelming, and your time is valuable, so we simplify the process of obtaining the best energy plan for you.
Our long standing relationships with over 20 different utility suppliers across the UK helps us to negotiate preferential rates on your behalf. We start by auditing your current consumption and validating recent invoices and consumption data, to ensure your estimated usage matches your actual consumption and both energy and non-energy costs are correct and appropriate. We then source a range of quotes from our network of suppliers and make our recommendations based on price and service.
Once your contracts are secured, we provide ongoing monitoring and performance reporting to help optimise your consumption patterns, increase efficiency, lower emissions and cut costs.
There’s no need to wait until your current contract expires as we’re able to work in advance to plan and negotiate the best terms for your next contracts. To find out more about the different ways your business can benefit from energy procurement strategies and become more cost efficient, contact our team today.

Our procurement services include:

Understanding your organisation’s specific energy requirements
Validating your recent invoices against actual energy consumption
Evaluating non-commodity costs and government taxes
Reporting to show how purchases compare with previous market prices
Monitoring changes in energy costs to identify the optimum time to buy
Automating your procurement based on pre-defined price criteria
Sourcing a range of quotes from our network of over 20 suppliers
Negotiating prices to obtain the best value from your contracts
Reviewing suggested supplier’s contract terms before securing
Dedicated senior account managers ready to help along the way
Fixed purchasing
A fixed energy contract allows you to lock in an energy price for the length of your contract and provides price certainty.

If your business has a set budget and wants to control their energy costs, a fixed energy contract will guarantee the peace of mind that the rates will remain the same for the entire duration of the contract.

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Flexible purchasing
With flexible energy purchasing, your business can reduce energy costs by purchasing energy below the average market price.

Take advantage of fluctuating wholesale energy prices and purchase energy at the most advantageous time. Flexible contracts allow you to obtain considerable cost reductions for your company when managed correctly.

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We support your business in finding ways to generate its own sustainable energy or secure 100% green contracts with suppliers by putting into action eco-friendly policies to provide an on-going strategy for your organisation.

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Market Triggers
Be in the know about purchasing commercial energy at precisely the right time with our energy specialists and leading-edge energy monitoring technology. Gain access to simple yet technologically innovative systems that send alerts to purchase energy at precisely the right moment. This means we can lock in energy contracts at the best time to avoid buying when prices are peaking

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