Performance Reporting

Our bespoke performance reporting service is at the heart of an effective procurement strategy. Each of our clients is unique with different requirements, so we take time to get to know each one individually, providing tailored reports every time.

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Conference room presentation of energy broker performance report

At Nationwide Utilities we work hard to build strong relationships with our customers based on honesty and transparency. When it comes to procurement we are always striving to get the best possible contracts for your organisation. At the heart of our procurement service is our performance reporting process. This keeps us accountable and keeps you up-to-date with the effectiveness of our energy procurement strategies.

Regular reports make the process transparent so even if you receive seemingly lower quotations elsewhere, youll be armed with the necessary information to make informed choices. Through performance reporting you will also be able to clearly identify the causes of any price increases.

Regular performance reporting demonstrates where we have taken positive action to minimise your costs. It also helps you understand why renewal quotations may be higher or lower than your existing contract and will help improve your future procurement strategies.

As costs in the energy market are set to rise, the challenge will always be to obtain new contracts with the lowest possible increase. Performance reporting is therefore a vital tool for decision makers and financial controllers who need to account for changing costs.

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