New Connections

We liaise on your behalf to provide and manage end-to-end new electricity connections and metering for your sites.

Whether you’re looking to move, expand or develop a site we can support your business to ensure there is a seamless transition. Our deep understanding of the market equips us to streamline the process, ensuring cost-effectiveness & efficiency whilst saving you the hassle.
We know how valuable your time and resources are, which is why we take the time to thoroughly understand your business’s requirements and present you with the most efficient and effective solutions.
Electricity connections & disconnection
✔ Smart & non-smart meter connections
✔ HH meter connections
✔ MOP contract
Supply & installation
✔ We supply smart & non-smart meters
✔ De-Energisation / Re-Energisation
✔ Live or dead checks
✔ Temporary supply
Data monitoring & consumption reporting
We provide your business with automated meter readings which track, analyse and profiles consumption.
✔ Automated meter reading (AMR) installation
✔ Half Hourly (HH) data management
✔ Smart meter data management
✔ Consumption reporting
We manage the installation, maintain and report on your energy in a way that works best for you. Our team are here to support you with anything meter associated.
✔ Smart meters
✔ Meter changeovers
✔ Turbine installation
✔ Sub-metering
✔ Unmetered electricity
✔ Upgrades

Moving premises

We understand moving is often a busy project, so our team are here to support you in taking care of the energy supply, which can be an expensive mistake if not managed properly. Our team provide cost-efficient and time-efficient solutions by ensuring the transition into your new business premises is seamless.
We liaise with suppliers on your behalf and provide the best energy solutions for your business.

Our team provide the following services:

Moving meters
Service alteration: change of location, not changing the connection and new connections
New connections
Upgrade/ reduce supply

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about us
We are a London-based energy consultancy with over 19 years’ experience. We work with hundreds of businesses over the UK to reduce their energy costs, consumption and improve their overall efficiency.

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