Microgeneration, generate free energy for your business

As developments in renewable energy generation continue to grow, there are an increasing number of microgeneration technologies now providing organisations with practical ways to produce free energy.

Solar panels for a microgeneration systemSolar panels used for water heating.

By using microgeneration, your organisation can employ the earth's natural resources to create its own free energy. These sources include anaerobic digestion, biomass heating, heat pumps, solar energy, hydro energy and wind power.

In addition, Government feed in tariffs mean that through electricity generation, businesses can actually get paid for the energy they produce. Introduced in the UK in April 2010, feed in tariffs are part of a Government policy designed to encourage households and businesses to generate their own energy and choose renewable heating options. Through the scheme, companies are paid for the energy that they produce. This can result in reduced bills or income for feeding electricity into the grid.

Depending on the amount of energy you generate and how much you use, electricity generation could become an additional revenue source for your business. Nationwide Utilities will assess your current energy consumption and then advise how your organisation could produce free energy and create additional income from it.

So whether you are interested in microgeneration to reduce your carbon footprint or generate income through renewable energy generation, we can advise on the options available and provide the installation of renewable energy systems.

Still not ready to install microgeneration systems? Consider using green energy suppliers.