Increased Chance of TRIAD | February 2018

February cold weather increases the chance of TRIAD

The UK is bracing itself as temperatures plummeted overnight to in what is predicted to be one of the coldest weeks of the winter so far.

The cold snap will spur many businesses into reducing electricity consumption in an effort to avoid TRIAD charges.

The TRIAD charge, named “Transmission Network Use of System” (TNUoS), is used to finance the maintenance of the UK’s electricity grid to ensure supply security. TRIAD periods are the highest three half-hour periods demands across the National Grid between November and February each year, each separated by 10 consecutive days.

As the wintery conditions take hold, businesses with meters on a half hourly basis will be taking the necessary action to lower electricity consumption typically between 4.30pm – 6.30pm by using the provided Demand Side services which will inevitably reduce their commercial energy costs.

Based on the forecasts, UK Demand will peak at 47.80GW, therefore surpassing the demand of the third highest peak of the current season from early November.

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