Energy Tendering Process

If your organisation has specific requirements to undertake a formal tendering process, we can manage this activity on your behalf.

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We ensure that all energy tendering activities comply with your commercial and legislative requirements including your own organisation's procurement guidelines and any industry or statutory rules that you have to abide by such as the EU public procurement rules.

Energy tendering process

With a successful energy tendering strategy in place you will ensure that you meet the requirements of your procurement procedures and also secure the best contract for your organisation based on service and price.

We compare all contracts to make sure that the energy tendering process is fair, accurate and accountable. When creating energy tenders, we use a proven combination of audits, analysis and strategy to ensure the process runs smoothly. Using our in-depth knowledge of the energy market we can also advise when to conduct energy tendering. Following the tendering process we will evaluate the bids before providing you with our recommendations.

We will assess your needs, manage the energy tendering, review and compare the quotations and then recommend and secure the best contract that meets your requirements.

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