Energy Procurement Services

Having a robust energy procurement strategy in place will ensure that your organisation is purchasing energy at precisely the right time to save money and reduce risks.

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At Nationwide Utilities we provide a comprehensive range of procurement services to help you obtain the best energy contracts. We can secure cheaper prices for your gas and electricity straightaway and fix these prices on variable term contracts to protect you from changes in the energy market. And there's no need to wait until your current contract expires as we can work in advance to plan and secure the most favourable terms for your next contract.

Energy procurement services diagram

We can provide energy procurement services individually or as part of a wider energy strategy. This will look at all of your organisation's energy needs and put a strategy in place to produce the best results based on cost savings, improved consumption patterns, lower emissions and increased efficiencies.

Our end-to-end service covers all aspects of the energy procurement process. We start by auditing your current consumption and use market intelligence and risk analysis to forecast energy prices. We then put a purchasing strategy in place, tailored to your business before procuring the best contract on your behalf. We can also closely track usage through independent meter operators. Once your contract is set up, our service to you continues with regular performance reports and monitoring.

First step to reduce energy costs - Energy bill auditing