Energy Bill Auditing

We provide businesses with accurate and transparent bill audits, so you never pay more than you should for your energy.

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Energy Bill Audit

With energy prices current volatility, it is imperative to have a transparent and accountable service in place. That'™s why at Nationwide Utilities, we have saved over £1.4 million for customers inaccurately charged. Providing businesses with precise and reliable energy bill audits.

Our dedicated energy brokers analyse and create a simplified, yet accurate picture of how our clients use energy. With great attention to detail, our energy brokers assess the important factors that influence each businesses energy usage.

There will be a number of factors to consider such as:

Actual consumption with current charges, third party charges, government levies, upcoming renewal dates and the number of sites from which your business operates. Once the energy bill auditing is complete, bespoke market intelligence and market risk analysis is conducted before energy tendering. This comes as standard for our flexible procurement customers.

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