CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme for carbon reduction

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As part of its strategy to achieve an 80% reduction in the country's carbon emissions by 2050, the UK Government recently introduced the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC-EES). The scheme aims to improve the energy efficiency of UK businesses and requires organisations to monitor and report on their carbon emissions. Participation in the energy efficiency scheme is mandatory for all UK organisations that use electricity via half-hourly metering.

A league table showing the performance of all participants will be published and carbon 'allowances' purchased when joining the scheme will be redistributed based on how effectively each participant has reduced their CO2 emissions.

Having a strategic carbon reduction commitment policy in place will not only ensure that you meet your legal requirements but could also improve your organisation's energy efficiency, leading to effective carbon reduction and increased profitability.

Nationwide Utilities can help you fulfil your CRC-EES legislative obligations. We will monitor your energy usage, calculate your CO2 emissions and create accurate reports for your organisation to submit. We can also manage your carbon allowances and prepare your CRC evidence pack. We'll work with you to identify where your organisation can save money and highlight ways in which you can improve your position in the CRC league table.

Installation of commercial smart meters is the first necessary step you should take in order to accurately monitor your organisation's energy consumption.