Commercial Smart Meters

Commercial smart meters are the latest development in electricity metering and mean that businesses no longer have to rely on estimated utility bills and meter readings.

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Single smart meterExample of a smart meter.

Installing energy meters within your organisation will put an end to inaccurate bills and because estimated costs are frequently higher than they should be, this could significantly reduce the amount you pay. Smart metering will also save your staff valuable time as they will no longer have to try to reconcile and recover overpayments. In addition, you will gain important information about your energy consumption, allowing you to make informed decisions about where you can reduce energy usage and avoid waste.

Commercial smart meters work by transferring half-hourly data about your energy expenditure and we provide a full commercial smart meters installation service.

With energy meters in place, you'll not only avoid overpayments but also be able to identify further cost savings from the data you receive. We'll manage the complete smart meters installation service on your behalf and provide all the after-care and support you may need. We'll help you analyse and understand the data from your smart meter and provide information in convenient online reports.

You can effectively manage your company's energy consumption through online energy monitoring and reporting.