Nationwide Utilities is a company which values integrity. As such we pay strong attention to how we present ourselves outside as well as inside the company. Consistency and compliance with brand guidelines are expected not only from each member of the Nationwide Utilities team but also our partners and media.

This page serves as a starting point for all brand related issues. To contact the Brand Manager at Nationwide Utilities please write to or call 020 3475 2000.

Nationwide Utilities brand relies on the people who use it. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the logo guidelines presented below as well as the complete brand manual.

Nationwide Utilities Logo

Nationwide Utilities logo should be used following these guidelines:

  • logo clear spaceTo protect the logo and ensure integrity and visibility, it always has an exclusion zone around it (also called isolation area or clear space) which is an area free of any other graphic elements or texts. The clear space is defined by the height of letter “d“ in the logo from bottom and left and width of letter “d“ in the logo from top and right. Keep in mind that this is only the necessary minimum and leaving a bigger clear space is always welcome.
  • Separate logo image files were prepared for use in print (CMYK colours) and for use on screen (RGB colours). These files are named appropriately and have different resolutions. Never use logos in screen format for printing and vice versa.
  • The minimum logo size in print is 15 mm in width to maintain legibility.
  • Nationwide Utilities logo should always be displayed on white background. Use inset white boxes on photos or colour backgrounds. The only exception is the achromatic white version.
  • Logo colours cannot be altered.
  • Always keep proportions constrained when scaling the logo. Never scale the logos in bitmap format (.tif, .jpg, .png, .gif, etc.), only logos in vector format (.ai, .eps, .svg, etc.) can be scaled without the loss of quality and then saved as a bitmap image if needed.
  • Never rotate, flip or distort the logo.
  • No drop shadows, filters or effects should be applied to the logo.
  • Never put a solid border around the logo.

To download the complete logo pack with vector files and logos for screen and print materials click HERE

Below are the four logo versions for screen use (RGB colours).

Nationwide Utilities logo colour Nationwide Utilities logo grayscale
Nationwide Utilities logo black Nationwide Utilities logo white

Brand Manual

Nationwide Utilities Brand Manual is a set of guidelines for creating and using branded materials.

Please download the brand manual HERE