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Business Energy Broker

Nationwide Utilities is one of the UK's leading independent energy consultancies, providing innovative and transparent commercial energy solutions to businesses, across all areas of energy management.

  1. NU Procurement

    Reduce Energy Cost

    Our energy brokers ensure their clients have a potent energy procurement strategy in place. Assuring your business is purchasing energy at the best possible price, driving down your costs as well as reducing risks.

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  2. NU Management

    Reduce Energy Consumption

    Every great business needs an effective energy management strategy in place. That is why we provide a comprehensive range of services which aims to maximise profits wherever possible.

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  3. NU Renewables

    Reduce Energy Emissions

    Businesses are always looking for innovative ways to expand and generate even greater results. That's where we come in. Generating renewable energy to meet your business needs and decrease your carbon footprint.

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At Nationwide Utilities, our energy broker services are designed to simplify a market that is complex and challenging. We do this by providing an intelligent 360° approach to energy, ranging from multidiscipline energy procurement, energy consultancy, and energy management. Our utility broker services cover business gas, electricity and water.

For over 18 years, major businesses across the UK have trusted Nationwide Utilities to reduce their energy costs and improve their energy efficiency. Our adaptability and expertise provides us the ability to secure the best suited energy contracts and prices for our clients, without the hassle.

At Nationwide Utilities, we are experts at reducing your business energy costs and consumption, that's why our dedicated energy brokers do all the work, so you don'™t have to! Whether you're a local restaurant or a large manufacturer, we ensure that all your energy procurement and energy management needs are met.

The journey to building a smarter & better business has never been easier. Don'™t just take our word for it, take a look at what our clients have to say