Online energy monitoring and online reporting services

With constant fluctuations in energy prices and the legislative requirement for large businesses to cut their CO2 emissions, it has never been more important for organisations to monitor their energy consumption correctly.

Online energy monitoring graph and reportDaily base load analysis report.

When you have access to accurate data, you can make well-informed, strategic decisions that will increase your organisation's profitability and ensure that you meet your environmental responsibilities.

Our online energy monitoring and reporting services track and analyse your organisation's electricity consumption so that you can spot the opportunities to improve processes and cut costs. Energy monitoring identifies peaks, highlights seasonal variations and pinpoints potential issues before they become a problem. Our secure online reporting services give you instant access to centralised, real-time information via the Internet to provide you with an accurate report of your energy usage.

At Nationwide Utilities we know that data alone is not enough,“ it is how you analyse and act on the information that is most important. Through our online energy monitoring and online reporting services, we provide you with information that is easy to understand. We can supply the data in a variety of formats from pie charts to graphs or schedule automatic, tailored reports so that you can make informed decisions quickly.

Next step towards even more savings is energy bill management and invoice validation.