Nationwide Utilities Energy Broker

One of the fastest growing business energy consultants and UK energy brokers. Providing innovative energy procurement solutions for businesses.

  1. NU Procurement

    Reduce energy cost

    With an effective procurement strategy in place, your organisation will secure the right energy contracts at the best prices, helping you to save money and mitigate risks.

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  2. NU Management

    Control energy consumption

    In order to improve energy efficiencies, cut costs, and reduce risks, it'™s essential for all large organisations to have effective energy management processes in place.

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  3. NU Renewables

    Reduce CO2 emissions

    Companies across the UK are choosing renewable energy options in order to reduce their organisation's™ carbon footprint and ensure that they meet their environmental obligations.

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From cutting energy costs and reducing consumption to risk management and environmental obligations, controlling all of your business energy responsibilities can be a challenge. With the current volatility in the UK energy market, it'™s little wonder that large organisations are increasingly turning to experienced business energy brokers and energy consultants like Nationwide Utilities for support.

For over ten years, major organisations across the UK and Europe have trusted Nationwide Utilities Energy Brokers to save them money and protect them from risk. As one of the UK'™s leading independent business energy consultants, we provide a comprehensive range of services to help you save money, reduce consumption and improve efficiencies. Our services cover everything from energy audits, market risk analysis, smart metering and online monitoring. As an experienced utilities company, we secure the most favourable contracts and best energy prices for our customers. We can also help you improve your environmental credentials and offer green energy procurement, microgeneration services and advice on reducing CO2 emissions.

Take a look through the website to find out more about how business energy brokers can save you money and discover why Nationwide Utilities are the right energy consultants for your business.